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Complete Measurement Solutions

At Ixthus Instrumentation we can take any of our sensors and add that little bit extra that makes your life easier. This may include a mounting bracket, digital displays, traceable calibration, mains and battery power supplies or even a complete measurement system, even with software and data storage. In fact you tell us when to stop!

We can offer a complete design, installation, commissioning, calibration and routine maintenance services. We will provide the level of support required by your site engineers – mechanical, electrical and instrumentation.

Contact IXTHUS for more information. Click on the images for bigger photos.

Aerospace test kit
1. Aerospace test kit
Automotive Suspension Test
2. Automotive Suspension Test
Custom Clevis Pin
3. Custom Clevis Pin
Custom Strain
4. Custom Strain
Gauge Bolts
GRP Thickness Gauge
5. GRP Thickness Gauge
Kaman Sensor Housing
6. Kaman Sensor Housing
Lasar Display Module
7. Lasar Display Module
Multi Chanel Rack and Display
8. Multi Chanel Rack and Display
Relay Test Kit Complete
9. Relay Test Kit Complete
Relay Test Kit
10. Relay Test Kit
Three laser System
11. Three laser System
Tile Thickness
12. Tile Thickness
Transmitter Pack
13. Transmitter Pack
Weighing Project
14. Weighing Project
Width Thickness
15. Width Thickness

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