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Force and Torque Measurement Transducers

Ixthus have been working with Strainsert from America and Burster from Germany for a number of years, each company complimenting each other. Strainsert offer custom designs for load cells, clevis pins and bolts that will meet your exacting requirements. Where as Burster offer miniature load cells, torque transducers and specialist instrumentation for automated assembly machinery. And Ixthus bring the technical application knowledge to ensure the correct sensor, transducer and instrumentation is used on your measurement project.

Force – Custom Design

Strainsert use a patented technology to internally strain gauged - standard force transducers including load cells, load pins, tension links, force sensing bolts/studs. This technology is also been offered for over 40 years designing optimal solutions for unique research, testing and control applications to meet the custom design market requirements.

Strainsert provides comprehensive design, testing and service for industry leaders in space, on the ground and in the oceans. Strainsert demonstrates its product confidence with a two year warranty. Designs can be customised for unique applications. The patented internal strain gauge process allows their products to deliver accurate results regardless of most environments.

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Force – Miniature Load Cells

Burster offer miniature load cells for tension and compression measurement applications, with capacities from 20N to 2MN, in various sizes and designs. Also available are high accuracy bending beams with integral overload stops, donut style designs to enable loading measurements in bearings, low capacity load cells from 1N.

All of the Burster products can be connected to a digital readout, an interface amplifier to gain an analogue or digital signal output. These can then be calibrated to a Manufactures or UKAS standard as required.

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Torque Transducers

Dynamic torque transducers from Burster offer reliable and accurate measurements using the latest slip ring or contactless technologies, whilst also offering a speed output option.

Static torque transducers are available with socket drive or keyed shafts for easy mechanical connection.

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The Burster range of instrumentation falls into three areas – simple digital displays, interface amplifiers and assembly control systems. All of the above are available with data retransmission - analogue outputs signals are the old favourites of 0 to 10 VDC and 4 to 20mA and the digital outputs are up to date with bus technologies and USB connections.

Assembly Control Systems, the Digiforce 9306 and 9310 offer a complete measure, inspect and control solution, for both quality assurance and production needs.

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