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Intelligent Weigh Controllers

Ixthus Instrumentation have many years experience supplying high specification weighing systems for tough applications. These include weigh filling to weights and measures legal requirements, dosing and batching systems, in-flight conveyor weighing, hopper and silo weighing.

B+L Weigh Filling

B+L have many years experience supplying high speed weigh filling controllers for bagging and batching machines. The key part to these controllers is the automatic in-flight weight adjustment, this tracks and adjusts the final cut-off weight to ensure that the exact target weight is always dispensed. B+L maintain automatic OIML R76 approval for legal weighing applications, this guarantees the quality of weighing systems supplied.

Hardy Instruments

Hardy offers a complete range of process weighing instrumentation, load cells and platform scales for use in a variety of applications including mixing/blending, filling/dispensing, check weighing, rate control/monitoring, level by weight and force measurement.

 Weight data is easily transferred directly to PLCs, DCSs, and PCs via plug-in weigh scale modules or over interfaces such as DeviceNet, ControlNet, Ethernet, Remote I/O, Profibus DP and Modbus TCP. All working with the Allen Bradley / Rockwell PLC technologies to provide direct weighing for an integrated control system.

 Industries such as pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, chemical, petroleum, forest products, aggregate / mining, glass and automotive all rely on Hardy Instruments products and weighing expertise to provide timely, accurate data and control for their processes.

Weighing Projects

Ixthus have designed, installed, commissioned and serviced a number of weighing systems over the years to meet the exacting requirements of our customers. We will provide the level of support required by your application, working with your site engineers – mechanical, electrical and instrumentation. Please ask us for examples of our happy customers.

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