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PROFINET interfaced 3D laser measurement: Riftek’s latest custom scanning system tracks geometric parameters for tyre steel-band components

PROFINET interfaced 3D laser measurement

Riftek, the measurement specialist represented in the UK by Ixthus Instrumentation, continues to develop bespoke measurement solutions for high-throughput manufacturing processes centred around its well proven range of 2D laser triangulation sensors. The latest custom-engineered project is a fully automated Industrial Ethernet based system that measures internal geometric parameters of the cylindrical steel bands that form an integral part of automotive tyres. The production conveyor-mounted machine combines a two-axis motion system that positions and rotates a specially adapted Riftek RF627 series 2D laser triangulation sensor to create a radial 3D scanning sequence inside the steel belt. With an inner-diameter range between 110 to 410 mm and axial height of 70 to 305 mm, the RF627 in combination with the probe software measures diameter, roundness, chamber width and angle to an average accuracy of +/- 50 microns with the values returned to a PLC via an integrated PROFINET interface.

The mechanical hardware, including the mounting frame and main housing with interfacing connectors for 24V DC power and fieldbus, forms part of the Riftek supplied system. As well as the probe software, an RS422-to-PROFINET IO module interfaces the 2D laser sensor to the PLC. For this set-up, the customer preferred to use a Siemens S7-1200 PLC although other manufacturer’s PLCs of choice could be used. GSD files and a comprehensive installation manual are also part of the supply. The probe software and the IO module combine to provide a data packet allowing the graphical display of the component being measured and a file output for use in further analysis software. The system supplied is fully adaptable for vertical or horizontal orientation to suit the customer’s project demands.

The final system is part of Riftek’s RF096 series custom build range that also includes other versions of the RF627 and other laser sensors that are specifically adapted as sub-systems for multiple measurement of customer’s component parts, typically as part of high-throughput manufacturing processes. Other examples of the RF096 sensor measurement series include fully machine integrated systems for welding lines and automated assembly measuring length, diameter, proximity etc., as well as component profile and thickness measurement, debris monitoring and more. Other systems can include manual operation with footswitches, hand controls or keypad/mouse activation to provide measured results recorded and displayed on a GUI as actual dimensions or as pre-set go or no-go values.

Ixthus Instrumentation Ltd provides a comprehensive sales and technical support service across Riftek’s comprehensive range of optoelectronic 2D and 3D laser measurement devices and systems from single components to complete systems such as the RF609 series.  Ixthus also represents many other leading suppliers of non-contact sensing technologies for force, torque and vibration providing measurement application solutions across industry, research, military, aerospace, marine, oil and gas, mining, hoist and crane, automotive and more. For more information email or visit

Article date: Fri, 19 Mar 2021 11:30:30 +0000 GMT

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