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VARIOHM RSS FEEDNew Metrix 5580 series signal conditioners and switches available from Ixthus Instrumentation

Metrix, the USA based vibration measurement and condition monitoring specialist has recently announced its new 5580 series smart vibration signal conditioners and switches.

New Metrix 5580 series signal conditioners and switches available from Ixthus Instrumentation

Available with full support in the UK from Metrix’s distribution partner Ixthus Instrumentation, the new units provide a 4 … 20 mA output proportional to the measured variable from accelerometers, velocity or position sensors for preventative maintenance and safety tasks on industrial fans, compressors, generators, pumps, and other large shaft-equipped machines where probe systems are essential. Also available as the SW5580 series, optional solid state or relay outputs realise field configurable setpoint and alarm monitoring. Both units are available as single or dual channel devices, also with field configurability for output scaling in peak or RMS units, high, low and band pass, and frequency filters. 

These DIN-rail mounted signal conditioners offer a competitive alternative to rack mount monitors. The 4 … 20 mA output allows convenient connectivity with PLCs, DCS or other 4-20 mA input monitors over extremely long-distance instrumentation set-ups. Also included, an integral signal amplifier boosts the raw sensor output for direct signal monitoring up to 300 metres. Single channel units may be modified in the field with a firmware release code which may be purchased where users require a second sensor monitoring channel as part of a system expansion etc. Metrix can supply these signal conditioners and switches fully configured for the sensor type required. For instance with a proportional output set to acceleration, calibrated in g-forces or proximity set to microns. Sensor input signal levels cover 100 to 500 mV/ips, 10 to 100 mV/g, and 100-200 mV/mm.

These compact units measure approximately 117 x 45 x 93 mm (h x w x d). Sensor excitation is included for piezo-velocity sensor input types at 24 VDC, 4 mA. Wiring is made easy with terminal strip connectors and integrated BNC connectors for output to waveform analysers. The SW5580 solid state switch version has a 100 mA, SPST, 120 VAC or 24 VDC output whilst the relay version offers SPDT resistive loads of 5A, 240/120 VAC and 5A, 24 VDC. A sensor malfunction warning is included with LED status indication on the unit’s facia.

The 5580 series has full compliance EMC certification and is furthermore available with hazardous area certification to CSA & NRTL/C Class I (A, B, C & D) T4, Div. 2. ATEX/IECEx/UKCA. Comprehensive datasheetsfor the series are available for download from the Ixthus website.

Metrix designs and produces a wide range of range of seismic and proximity measurement sensors and instruments for industrial vibration monitoring as individual components as well as field portable and fully installed systems. Ixthus Instrumentation represents Metrix across this full range with comprehensive technical and sales support.  Also through similar distribution partnerships with many other leading suppliers of non-contact sensing technologies, Ixthus provides solutions for force, torque and vibration measurement applications across industry, research, military, aerospace, marine, oil and gas, mining, hoist and crane, automotive and more.

Article date: Mon, 04 Apr 2022 10:43:42 +0000 GMT

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