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Non-Contacting Position Sensing Technologies from Ixthus

Non-Contacting Position Sensing Technologies from Ixthus

Here, at Ixthus we can offer different non-contacting technologies which can be suitable for position sensing depending on the requirements of the application.

We can offer four main non contacting position sensing technologies they are;

·         Eddy Current Sensors

·         Capacitive Sensors

·         Laser Triangulation Sensors

·         Ultrasonic Sensors

The demand in non-contacting position sensing technologies has increased recently due to the need to measure more accurately and the need to measure against a difficult surface or a surface which is unable to be touched – for example; medical components, food industries and miniature components. The increase in demand has allowed these technologies to be developed; each one has unique advantages making them suited to different applications.

Eddy Current Sensors

Eddy current sensors use an inductive measuring method of extracting energy from an oscillating circuit. They use magnetic fields to generate currents round a coil; the interaction of these currents will help to determine the distance of the object to the sensor thus measuring the position.


·         Can be used on all electrically conductive metals

·         Can be used on ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic metals

·         Sensors are relatively small in size

·         High temperature range

·         High accuracy

·         Suitable for environments where dirt, dust, humidity and oil may be present

·         Extreme Environments, such as Corrosive Gas or Water

Our Eddy Current sensors can be found here 

Capacitive Sensors

Another non contacting position sensing technology is the Capacitive Principle. These sensors can sense the object through an electrical charge and determine the distance of the object from the sensor based using the amplitude of the AC voltage on the sensor. It uses a similar principle to that of a parallel plate capacitator but uses the target object instead of the second plate.


·         High temperature stability

·         Results are not affected by any changes in conductivity of the object being measured

·         Well suited to metals, offering high accuracy

See our capacitive Position Sensors here 

Laser Triangulation Sensors

In this non contacting position sensor technology, laser diodes are used to project visible ports of light onto the surface of the object which is being measured. A portion of the beam is reflected through an optical lens to a detector, as the object moves, the laser beam will move proportionally on the detector allowing the relative distance to be calculated.


·         Competitively priced

·         Excellent repeatability

·         Excellent accuracy

·         Optional, Blue Laser use on organic and (semi-)transparent objects, as well as for red-hot glowing metals.

·         Large measurement range

·         Large operating distance

See our range of laser triangulation sensors here 

Ultrasonic Sensors

The final type of non-contacting position sensor technology that we can offer is Ultrasonic. Ultrasonic sensors measure the distance of an object by using sound waves. They emit short sharp sound pulses at a high frequency. If the sound pulses hit an object, they are reflected back an an echo to the sensor which calculates the distance to the object using the time elapsed between emitting the sound and receiving the echo.


·         Highly accurate on small movements

·         Can detect objects in any material

·         Able to resist external disturbances eg – vibration, radiation and noise.

·         Maintenance free

·         Long life

Our Ultrasonic Position Sensors can be found here on our website

Do you need more information on any of the above non-contacting position sensing technologies? We would be happy to help you. Please contact us; 01327 353437 or

For more information please contact: Ixthus Instrumentation Email: Tel:+44 (0) 1327  353437 Fax: +44 (0) 1327 353564

Article date: Thu, 28 Sep 2017 14:01:20 +0100 GMT

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Title:Non-Contacting Position Sensing Technologies from Ixthus



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