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A Great Partnership in the making and it all makes sense!

A Great Partnership in the making and it all makes sense!

15 years Celebration For Ixthus Instrumentation & Riftek Llc Best Provider For Rail Measuring Gauges & Laser Sensors

This year we celebrate 15 years of working together with Riftek. Ixthus Instrumentation Ltd represent Riftek within the UK distributing rail measuring gauges and laser sensors. For more information on the products we can offer take a look at the products on our website.

Over the past 15 years both Riftek LLC and Ixthus have changed and grown…

“Milestones are a time of reflection. 15 years ago Ixthus Instrumentation started a new partnership with Riftek LLC by representing us in the UK, and what a journey it has been. The relationship has grown and developed in many ways, to the extent of offering the best technology in Laser Sensors and the ever-growing Rail Measuring Gauges in the UK.

“The professionalism and management of providing Riftek products in the UK has been handled superbly by Ixthus Instrumentation, and we continue to grow the business for both parties as we continue into the future

“Ixthus Instrumentation, main contact; Tony Stoyles has proven the Riftek Rail Gauges are the best in the market, it is modern day technology which has data capture functions and much more”                                             commented Aleksandr Romanov, MD/Owner of Riftek LLC.

In response, Tony Stoyles comments, “We are extremely pleased to have this recognition by Riftek LLC, as we believe our relationship has been instrumental in supplying and providing the best tooling in the market for Wheelset Measuring monitoring in the Rail sector, by promoting their impressive Laser technology.

Gone are the days of using mechanical gauges on Wheelsets, this technology allows customers to store historic data which can only be the ultimate way forward and certainly has many  advantages for wheelset management as a whole.

We have improved our service functions by training our internal staff and  offer full  Calibration & Maintenance for all Riftek Gauges onsite in Towcester, the idea of providing a single source solution for all the equipment sales, calibrations and maintenance needs.

Ixthus Instrumentation is a company on the move and constantly looking for ways to refine processes and streamline procedures passing along those cost savings to customers.

As we look to the future, the biggest challenge we face is staying focused on delivering exceptional service to our customers.

“With a solid business base and the passionate people who work here at Ixthus and the continual support from Riftek LLC, many of whom have been with the company five years or more, we have a roadmap for success.”

Ixthus  company is headquartered in Towcester, Northants and Riftek LLC offices are based in Belarus.

For more information on the products and services we can offer from Riftek LLC see the products on our website.

For more information please contact: Ixthus Instrumentation Email: Tel:+44 (0) 1327  353437 Fax: +44 (0) 1327 353564

Article date: Mon, 25 Feb 2019 09:43:12 +0000 GMT

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Title:A Great Partnership in the making and it all makes sense!



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