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LVDT Applications

LVDT Applications

LVDT stands for Linear Variable Differential Transformer, they are a type of non-contacting position sensor and are used to measure linear displacement.

LVDTs have a moving core and are naturally frictionless giving them a long life.

LVDT Application Types

There are two main ways in which an LVDT can be used;

Main transducer – the LVDT will convert the displacement into an electrical signal

Secondary Transducer- An LVDT can also be used as a secondary transducer where it will measure force, weight or pressure

LVDTs are robust and offer outstanding repetition which means they are suitable for use in a range of industries and in applications which involve an ongoing measurement.

LVDT Applications

Some more specific applications for LVDTs include:

·         Power turbines

·         Hydraulics

·         Aircrafts

·         Satellites

·         Nuclear reactors

·         Factory automation

·         Servo mechanisms

·         Weight sensitive applications

·         General industrial applications

·         Process and control

·         Materials testing

Benefits of using LVDTs

In applications where both accuracy and reliability are key; an LVDT is well suited and recommended. Some benefits to choosing LVDTs are:

Friction Free – they are non-contacting and therefore friction free meaning they offer long life.

Fast Response – the fast response time of the LVDT means that time can be managed effectively during use.

Robust – being robust means that LVDTs can be used in extreme applications and environments.

Versatile – different configurations are available to suit different applications. Contact Ixthus to find the right LVDT for your application.  

LVDTs from Ixthus

LVDTs from Ixthus can be found on our Non Contacting Linear Position Sensors Page – they include;

AC LVDTs  which contain no electrics making them a great choice for applications which may have either size or cost restrictions and for applications in harsh environments. We can offer ranges from +/- 0.005” to +/- 10.000”.

DC LVDTs have in built signal conditioning electronics; they require no calibration or special signal conditioning. DC LVDTs are available in ranges +/-0.02” to +/-2.000”

Spring return LVDTs have a spring loaded plunger and bearing assembly, this allows for easy installation. Both AC and DC outputs are available and ranges from +/-0.02” to +/-2.000”

Our LVDT Transmitters and Transmitter Systems  are well suited to applications in industrial environments and power plants. They contain two wire looped powered sensors.

LVDT’s from Burster; as well as our TE LVDTs we also have a range from our supplier Burster. These can be found in the Displacement Sensor section of our website. The 8739 uses a USB interface.

For more information on LVDTs and their applications please contact us +44(0)1327 353437 or

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Article date: Thu, 18 Apr 2019 16:03:38 +0100 GMT

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Title:LVDT Applications



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