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What is a load cell?

What is a load cell?

At Ixthus, Load cells are part of our product portfolio. They come from our suppliers, Zemic, Strainsert and Burster.

A load cell is a type of sensing device which is used to detect and measure force, load and weight which then converts the measurement into an electrical signal. Many load cells contain strain gauge, when force or stress is applied to the load cell, the resistance of the strain gauges will alter, this change in resistance causes the voltage output of the load cell to change. Strain gauge load cells are highly accurate (0.03%-0.25%) and are well suited to most of the applications within industrial applications and test measurement. 

What is a load cell used for?

There are many different types of load cell, each type is suited to different applications. Some of the industries that they are used in are;

 Within these industries, load cells are commonly used for;

Load cells are also used in applications which are more common place, for example; bathroom scales, kitchen scales, self service checkout weighing platforms, weighing luggage on airport check in desks and almost any device which measures weight. 

Types of load cell

There are different types of load cell which are designed to suit different applications.   

Single point load cells are often used in platform scales, they have the ability to measure off-centre loads which makes them well suited to this type of application

Compression load cells have a long life, high accuracy and high reliability making them well suited to industrial applications.  

S-type load cells are named after their shape and are versatile reliable load cells. They are used for general weighing applications, platform scales and mechanical to electrical scale conversions. 

Shear beam and dual shear beam load cells are suitable for use in harsh environments. They are suitable for application requiring measurement of heavier loads - some can measure up to 50 tonnes.  

Miniature load cells are very small in size, some are less than 1cm in height. They have been designed for applications where space is an issue. They tend to be low cost but very sturdy in both static and dynamic applications. 

Load cells from Ixthus 

Ixthus can provide load cells from any of the above categories but these are just some of the types of load cells we can offer, for our full product range take a look at the load cell section of our website

We can also offer load cell calibration devices; the 7281 TRANS CAL is a hand held load cell calibration unit from Buster - find out more here.  

Contact us for more information or to help with selecting the best load cell for your application

For more information please contact: Ixthus Instrumentation Email: Tel:+44 (0) 1327  353437 Fax: +44 (0) 1327 353564

Article date: Mon, 12 Aug 2019 08:51:02 +0100 GMT

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Title:What is a load cell?



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