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Conductive Plastic Potentiometers

Conductive Plastic Potentiometers

Conductive plastic potentiometers are a type of position sensor which Ixthus can provide. Conductive Plastic is the type of principle used within the potentiometer itself.

The developments within various industries has created a need for sensors which are robust, able to withstand a wide temperature range, have a long service life, high accuracy and repeatability as well as being inexpensive for the user. With all these boxes to check, the industry called for something new and people started using conductive plastic potentiometers. 

Potentiometers - how do they work?

A potentiometer is a widely used position sensor. It works by proportionally dividing an applied voltage over it’s operational range or electrical output - this can either be linear (straight line) or rotary (round/circular) movement. To ensure that the output of the potentiometer remains stable and constant, the potentiometer will require a regulated voltage or current supply. 

Potentiometers contain wipers and a resistive strip, as the voltage is passed through the potentiometer, the position of the wiper on the resistive strip determines how much resistance is being imposed on the circuit and relative voltage is then fed back to the user through the output. 

Why use Conductive Plastic Potentiometers? 

There are several different variants of potentiometers, conductive plastic are the most widely used. The main advantages of using this type of potentiometer are;

For applications requiring position measurement there are lots of devices to choose from including non-contacting technologies. Whereas the non-contacting sensors may have a longer life, conductive plastic potentiometers possess the following benefits;

Because conductive plastic potentiometers are not wear free like some of the non-contacting alternatives, they are subject to wear and tear over time, however, this can be easily identified in the quality of the output signal. This ensures that the potentiometer can be serviced or replaced before the application is fully compromised rather than failing with no warning signals.  

Conductive Plastic Potentiometers from Ixthus  

Most of our conductive plastic potentiometers come from our sister company Variohm Eurosensor. They offer outstanding repeatability and linearity. They use elastomer dampened wipers for shock and vibration resistant. The VLP, VLPSC, VXP and ELPM have different features to suit applications in different industries and environments. 

Conductive Plastic Potentiometers are just a small section of the position sensors we can offer. If you would like more information on any of the products in our range please contact. 

For more information please contact: Ixthus Instrumentation Email: Tel:+44 (0) 1327  353437 Fax: +44 (0) 1327 353564

Article date: Thu, 05 Sep 2019 16:18:41 +0100 GMT

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Title:Conductive Plastic Potentiometers



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