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How Does a Pressure Sensor Work?

How Does a Pressure Sensor Work?

How does a pressure sensor work?

A pressure sensor converts pressure into an easily measurable format; either an analogue or electrical signal. 

There are two types of pressure sensor supplied by Ixthus; Pressure Transducers and Pressure Sensors. They work in different ways and therefore have different uses. 

Understanding Pressure

What is pressure? Pressure is a measure of force, it can be calculated by dividing the force by the area is it being applied to;


This is known as static pressure. The force (F) in most cases is caused by gas or liquid but pressure from solid bodies can also be measured. 

Pressure is measured in different units depending on the sensor used and the application in hand. The most common types of pressure measurement are;

How does a Pressure Sensor Work? - Pressure Transducers

Pressure Transducers are often used in hydraulic applications as they have a good tolerance of harsh environments. They are used to measure an exact pressure being applied. 

Pressure transducers contain a sensing element and a diaphragm, as the pressure is applied to the sensor through the port, the diaphragm deflects, the sensing element can determine the measure of pressure by how much the diaphragm is deflected thus giving an accurate pressure measurement. The deflection is then converted into an electrical output which can be processed by different mechanical devices.  

How Does a Pressure Sensor Work? - Pressure Switches

Unlike pressure transducers, pressure switches do not give an exact pressure measurement, instead they work as an indication that a pressure level has been reached. The pressure switch will be set to the required level by the user and will “switch” when the pressure being measured reaches that level. 

For example, a pressure switch is often used to measure the level of oxygen in an oxygen tank. The oxygen inside the tank will cause pressure, a pressure switch will be connected with a set level. When the pressure within the tank goes below the level that the pressure switch is set at, the pressure switch will “switch” therefore alerting personnel that the pressure within the tank is lower (and in this case, the level of oxygen is low/empty)

What is a pressure sensor used for?

Pressure sensors are used throughout many industries - the application will determine which type of pressure sensor is suitable. Here are some examples; 

Pressure Transducers

Pressure Switches

Pressure Sensors from Ixthus 

Our pressure sensors have a range of different options. Many of our pressure transducers have different port configurations, output signals and electrical interfaces available. Our pressure range goes up to 5,000 bar. 

See our full range of Pressure Transducers, Pressure Switches and Combined Pressure and Temperature Transducers - these are particularly well suited to Motorsport applications where space is restricted. 

Contact us to discuss your application in detail and we will find a pressure sensor to suit you. 

More about Pressure Sensors 

The need for pressure measurement grew in the steam age. Pressure sensing elements were in great demand for the safety of use for steam trains. When pressure sensors were first manufactured they used Bourdon tube gauges, when pressure was applied the needle in the gauge would move giving a visual representation of pressure. This method is no longer used and has been replaced with electronic methods. 

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Article date: Mon, 04 Nov 2019 14:47:17 +0000 GMT

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Title:How Does a Pressure Sensor Work?



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