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Types of Load Cells

Types of Load Cells

There are a vast amount of different types of load cells available. Each different type has features which make them suitable for different applications in different areas.

Here, at Ixthus we can offer a wide range of different load cells - they are part of our portfolio of test and measurement sensors and transducers. If you would like more information on load cells or help with selecting one for your application make sure you contact us. 

What is a load cell?

A load cell is a type of sensor which is used to measure force and/or load. They convert the force measured into an electrical signal which can be processed by other devices or read by the user. 

Most load cells use strain gauges to measure force. Strain gauges are very small sensors which react to pressure or compression, the change in pressure means the strain gauge will give a different output and the amount of compression can be determined based on this.  

Types of Load Cells

The most common types of load cells are;

Single point load cells - Single point load cells are the most common type of load cell, they are often used for low capacity weighing systems including many different types of scales. They have the ability to measure off-centre loads and so are a popular choice in many different aspects of industries. See our single point load cells here. 

S-type load cells - S-Type load cells take their name from their shape, they can sometimes be referred to as Z-type load cells. They have a compact design making them suitable for applications where space is tight. They are commonly used in tension and compression applications. See our S-type load cells here. Find out more about S-type load cells by reading our blog post. 

Compression Load Cells - compression load cell is a term which can be used to refer to most load cells which makes this the most diverse type. They are compact load cells which have the ability to carry high capacity loads with high accuracy. See our compression load cells here. 

Shear Beam Load Cells - shear beam and bending beam load cells often have a low profile making them suitable for smaller spaces or space-restricted areas. They are very cost-efficient load cells. See our range of shear beam load cells

Miniature Load Cells - miniature load cells work in the same way as regular load cells but are very small in size, some are less than 1cm in height. They are easy to assemble and give highly accurate readings. See our miniature load cells here. 

Some of the more specialist types of load cells which Ixthus can offer include

Fatigue Rated Load Cells - Our Fatigue rated range comes from our supplier Strainsert. They are constructed of two rings which are 3mm to 4mm thick making them very stiff and strong. This reduces metal fatigue and guarantees long life. Take a look at our blog post on Fatigue Rated Load Cells for more information. 

Aerospace Load Cells - Also from Strainsert, we have a range of load cells which are well suited to various applications in Aerospace including design and build, pre-flight testing and inflight monitoring. See the full article here.

For more information on any of our load cells please contact us. 

For more information please contact: Ixthus Instrumentation Email: Tel:+44 (0) 1327  353437 Fax: +44 (0) 1327 353564

Article date: Mon, 27 Jan 2020 11:42:55 +0000 GMT

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Title:Types of Load Cells



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