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Rail Wheel Gauges

Rail Wheel Gauges

Rail wheel gauges are part of our product portfolio at Ixthus Instrumentation

There are different types of Rail Wheel Gauges. These are;

Both of these products are included in our portfolio here at Ixthus. They come from our supplier Riftek. 

These devices are used to measure different aspects of the rail wheel itself to ensure it is to the correct standard to be used for railway transport vehicles. We also have devices which measure the status of the railway line; these are called Rail Profile Measurement Gauges.

Rail Wheel Profile Gauges 

Rail wheel profile gauges measure the thickness of the wheel. They check for general wear and tear ensuring that the wheel is to the correct standard for use on railway vehicles. As rail wheels are in constant contact with the railway track they often show signs of wear. The rail wheel profile gauge is a hand held instrument which measures the thickness of the wheel itself to ensure it is still within advised safety standards. 

Measuring wheel profile can be done by hand however, a wheel profile gauge is often more accurate and easy to use and highly efficient. See our wheel profile gauges here. 

The IKP series from Riftek can be used to measure; wheel flange height, wheel flange thickness and rim thickness. It uses lasers to take the measurements and shows instant results. 

Wheel Diameter Gauges 

A wheel diameter gauge is used to measure the overall diameter of the wheel. This is another area which can be affected by general wear and tear on the railroad. The wheel diameter gauge will ensure that the wheel is the correct shape and size. 

This is another measurement which could be taken by hand but because these devices are so easy to use and eliminate the aspect of human error they are often selected for use. 

Our wheel diameter gauge is battery powered making it easy to use in the field. The IDK series has two ball supports to place the gauge onto the roll surface and two supports to base the wheel gauge. The procedure for use can be seen in our “Wheel Diameter Measurement” blog post. Results are shown within 2 seconds. 

Rail Wheel Gauges from Ixthus 

Take a look at all of our rail wheel gauges on our website. For more information on any of the products shown or if you can’t find what you're looking for please contact us.

You can also find more information on these products by reading our blog posts; 

Other Railway Measuring Gauges from Ixthus 

Back to Back Distance Measuring Gauges - for measuring the back to back distance between railway transport wheels. 

Disk Brakes Profile Gauges - handheld device using laser measuring to check the brake disc wear parameter. This is important to ensure the railway vehicle is in line with safety regulations and safe to be used for transport. 

Rail Profile Measurement Gauges - devices used to measure the thickness of the railway track itself. 

Calibration Services from Ixthus

It is imperative that all Riftek Measuring Gauges are calibrated regularly and Ixthus recommends every 12months as standard, some of our customers choose to calibrate twice a year.

There is no exception with Riftek Rail Measuring Gauges, due to their high performance measuring with accuracy and reliability, we encourage customers to upkeep the maintenance of their Riftek Gauges, and arrange for Ixthus to calibrate for you. We also include a service on the measuring gauges, and advise of any current / potential defects through wear & tear.

We care about your Riftek Gauges to the extent that we provide preventative maintenance for your gauge to avoid any ‘downtime’. On occasions, we offer a rental service whilst your gauge is being repaired/calibrated, this is subject to availability of various gauges and can be discussed during your enquiry.

For more information on our calibration services take a look at our blog post “Rail Instrument Calibration”

For more information take a look at the Riftek product overview here. Or to discuss any of the products mentioned please contact us. 

For more information please contact: Ixthus Instrumentation Email: Tel:+44 (0) 1327  353437 Fax: +44 (0) 1327 353564

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