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Force and Torque

Force and Torque

Force and torque are two different measurements which are often put together. Here at Ixthus we offer sensors to measure both force and torque.

The reason force and torque are often grouped together is because they both measure strain on an object.

The Difference between Force and Torque

Force is strain applied in a linear motion, a compression and can relate to a push, a compression. Compression can be used to determine the weight of an object. Force is the measurement taken to during weighing.

Torque is a strain applied in a rotary motion around a center of rotation, a twisting and turning force.

Although the two are very similar, different sensors are required for measuring Force and Torque.

Sensors for Measuring Force

Load cells are used to measure force. Many of them use internal strain gauges to measure the force by determining the change in compression. They are robust and hard wearing. Many load cells are available with approvals such as NTEP, OIML or ATEX to make them suitable for different environments.

Load cells are available in different shapes and sizes to suit various applications.

Some of the different types of Load Cells we can offer include

·         S-type

·         Single point

·         High Precision

·         Tension and Compression

·         Miniature Load Cells

See our full range of load cells

Sensors for Measuring Torque

Torque sensors are used to measure torque, they are used for either static or dynamic torque in either clockwise or anti-clockwise directions. They are highly accurate and are a non-contacting sensor which offers long life.

Like load cells torques sensors are robust and available in different sizes to suit different applications.

Torque Sensors are very powerful and can be vital in certain applications. They also use internal strain gauges to measure the strain applied.

Find out more about Torque Sensors by reading our blog post “Torque Sensor Applications”

Examples of Force and Torque Applications

Force application examples include;

·         Press Sensing

·         Onboard weighing

·         Process feedback

·         Hopper scales

·         Crane measuring systems

·         Medical equipment

·         Injection moulding force measurement

Torque application examples

·         Tightening force on power tools

·         Screwing technology

·         Impact screwdrivers

·         Drive shafts

Force and Torque Sensors, Force Sensors, Load Cell & Load Pins - Bespoke applications;


Load Cells, Load Pins, and other Force Sensing components and systems are utilised in a variety of force measurement applications across a wide array of industries.

The applications range from simple force measurement solutions up to such cutting edge products as Aerospace, Submersible vehicles used in deep seas, and general applications.


Force and Torque For research and Testing

Load cell are used within research and testing. Their use is related to product, component, and/or system research, development and testing. Load cells and force sensors are commonly used for applications including;

·         new hardware design testing

·         requirements verification

·         force distribution analysis

·         determination of operational forces

·         overload or structural capabilities

 Load cells are also often used to capture actual load and force data to fine-tune or validate computer modelling and simulation tools. These types of applications are becoming more commonplace in the modern world for hardware development.


Load cells are not only used for testing/evaluating new hardware designs, load sensing is also used for applications in testing existing and mature hardware designs where use may be expanded to include new requirements or increased scope or capacity which requires additional testing.


Force and Torque for Measurement and Control

In product or process control applications, load cells and force sensors can be used to control a certain force or operation to ensure the required force is achieved either by direct monitoring or integrated into a complete feedback automated system. Alternatively, other control applications include monitoring of forces during operation to ensure certain overload or unsafe conditions, if encountered, are identified in a timely manner and the load cell systems can alert or trigger various pre-determined actions or events.


Force and Torque Sensors from Ixthus

Here, at Ixthus, we offer a full range of both load cells and torque sensors. We work with our suppliers around the world to ensure products are supplied within the UK.

Our torque sensors are highly accurate and able to withstand vibration and shock, they are well suited to harsh environments and are compact making them suitable for applications where space may be restricted.

Our Load Cells are also highly accurate and robust. We have a range specifically for high precision applications, fatigue rated and approved for use in aerospace applications.

We also offer calibration services for load cells as well as other products in our portfolio. For more information on our calibration services please contact us or take a look at our Blog post on “Why do we need to calibrate sensors”

We also have a range of Load Cells for Aerospace and Submersible Load Cells

For more information on force and torque measuring or to discuss your application please contact us.

For more information please contact: Ixthus Instrumentation Email: Tel:+44 (0) 1327  353437 Fax: +44 (0) 1327 353564

Article date: Thu, 28 May 2020 09:04:17 +0100 GMT

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