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Eddy Current Sensor Applications

Eddy Current Sensor Applications

Eddy current sensors are part of our product portfolio. We have been supplying them for many years throughout the UK for our supplier Kaman. They are used within different industries for a specific type of position measurement.

Eddy Current Sensors are well known for use within applications where high precision is required for high frequency linear displacement measurement.

What is an Eddy Current Sensor?

An Eddy Current sensor is a type of non-contacting linear position sensor. They use magnetic fields to precisely measure linear displacement.

Alternating currents are created within the sensor along with an alternating magnetic field. The disruption in these magnetic fields can be measured to equate to displacement and position of a target. For a more detailed explanation of how Eddy Current Sensors work, take a look at our blog post “What is an Eddy Current Sensor”

Eddy Current Sensors are also referred to as Inductive Sensors and are capable of high resolution measurement.

Eddy Current Sensor Applications

Eddy Current sensors are used for numerous test and measurement applications, many of the most common applications include the sensor measuring and monitoring;

Because they are very precise, they can measure in small increments; such as measuring the thickness of a coating on something such as a sheet of metal.

Applications which our Eddy current sensors have been used for include;

Advantages of using Eddy current Sensors

There are many types of non-contacting position sensors available on the market today – so what makes an Eddy current sensor special?

Eddy current sensors are usually selected for use as they have the following advantages;

Less Expensive than alternatives – Eddy current sensors often work out as cheaper and better value for money than some of the other non-contacting measurement options

Unaffected by contaminants – Eddy current sensors are not compromised by dust, dirt and other contaminants which may be present in certain applications, making them suitable for applications in contaminated environments.

Suitable for use at high temperatures – Eddy current sensors are also known for functioning at higher temperatures, this makes them suitable to even more extreme environments.

Other advantages also include;

Eddy Current Sensors from Ixthus

Our Eddy Current sensors come from our supplier Kaman and can be seen on our website.

There are different ranges for different types of applications such as general purpose or high performance etc.

For more information on the Eddy Current Sensors we can offer please contact us.

For more information please contact: Ixthus Instrumentation Email: Tel:+44 (0) 1327  353437 Fax: +44 (0) 1327 353564

Article date: Thu, 17 Sep 2020 15:52:16 +0100 GMT

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Title:Eddy Current Sensor Applications



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