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Sensor Types

Sensor Types

Sensors are available in many different types.

At Ixthus we specialize in sensors, particularly for test and measurement applications. Different sensor types are suitable for different applications and industries. Each different type can be used to take a different measurement of a different variable.

Various sensor types can be found in the home of office for more commercial applications. They are also used in industrial settings, automation and production lines.

What is a Sensor?

A Sensor is a device used to take a measurement. This measurement can be movement, temperature, pressure, vibration and any other variable which may alter.

The measurement taken can be processed either within the sensor/ transducer or with the use of an additional device to give an output. The output can then be processed by a device or displayed for the user.

Sensor Types

There are so many different sensor types. Some of the categories we offer are;

Position Sensors – these can be either linear or rotary and can use a variety of different technologies to take position measurements. Position sensors are used within Motorsports, industrial applications, commercial applications, automation, aerospace and many more. Some of the position sensor types we offer include;

See all our position sensor types here. 

Sensors for Railway – we offer a wide range of sensors used within the rail industry to measure rail wheel thickness, diameter and track thickness. These measurements are very important for user safety within the transportation industry.

Our range of sensors for rail include;

Pressure Sensors – our pressure range consists of pressure transducers and pressure switches. They are used in a variety of settings including medical applications, HVAC, aerospace and more. We have various pressure transducers with different approvals and ratings to suit different applications.

We also have a range of combined pressure and temperature sensors which can measure both variables saving valuable space in some applications.

See our pressure sensor types;

Temperature Sensors – temperature sensors are so versatile; they are available in many shapes and sizes. Many of the types we offer monitor the level of electrical resistance to determine the temperature. The temperature sensor types we offer include;

Take a look at all of our temperature sensor types here.

Load Cells – we have a range of load cell types available which can be used in a variety of environments. We have fatigue rated load cells for heavy duty applications as well as ranges which are suitable for marine applications and aerospace applications.

Like other sensor types, load cells are available in many different shapes and sizes so that they are suited to different applications.

Our load cell types available are;

Take a look at our full range of load cells here.

Other Sensor Types

The above categories are the most popular sensor types that we offer, in our portfolio, we also have a range of

Take a look at our Product Menu above to see all of the different types of sensor we can offer.

Sensor Types from the Variohm Group

Ixthus Instrumentation is part of The Variohm Group; we are a group of companies working together supplying sensors and solutions for a wide range of applications and industries. Each company within the group is especially suited to a specific industry or product area;

Ixthus Instrumentation – The Test and Measurement Division.

Variohm Eurosensor – Sensors and Transducers Supplier and Manufacturer

Heason Technology – Motion Control Solutions

Herga Technology – Switches and Sensors

Positek – Non-Contacting Position Sensors and Transducers

Phoenix America – Sensor and Encoder Manufacturing Solutions

Limitor GmbH – Temperature, Current and Time

If you would like more information on any types of sensor, please contact us.

For more information on our group product portfolio take a look at our Infographic and our Group Capabilities Presentation.

For more information please contact: Ixthus Instrumentation Email: Tel:+44 (0) 1327  353437 Fax: +44 (0) 1327 353564

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