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Measurement Instruments for Railway Transport

Wheel Diameter Measuring Gauges
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Railway Wheel Profile Gauges
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Back to Back Distance Measuring Gauges
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Rail Profile Measurement Gauges
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Measurement Instruments for Railway Transport from Ixthus Instrumentation

Our Rail Wheel Measurement Gauges come from our supplier Riftek and can be seen below.

Contact us for more information or to discuss your applications.

Measurement Instruments for Railway Transport range

Rail Wheel Measurement Gauges

Rail wheel measurement gauges are used to measure either the wheel diameter, wheel profile, wheel back to back and brake discs. There is a different instrument for each.

Rail Wheel Profile Measurement

Rail wheel profile measurement involves measuring the thickness of the wheel to determine whether it is safe to be used on the rail vehicle. Over time, as the wheels are in use and constantly in contact with the track, they become worn down and sometimes damaged. This wear can cause the rail vehicle to become uncomfortable for the user or, in worse cases, unsafe. Therefore, rail wheel profile measurement is very important to determine the safety of the rail vehicle.

Wheel profile measurement gauges are hand held devices which use a laser scanning system to measure the thickness of the wheel. Using a device instead of measuring by hand is more accurate and an extremely efficient way of measuring, which in essence, saves maintenance cost.

Wheel Diameter Measurement

Another type of wheel measurement for rail vehicles is wheel diameter measurement. Ensuring that the diameter of the wheel is of the correct standard in size and shape helps to ensure the safety of the rail vehicles and prevent derailment.

The wheel diameter measurement gauge eliminates human error for this type of measurement. They operate by using a 3 point measuring algorithm, and provides the results without the complete coverage of the wheel, making them more efficient to work with and are extremely accurate, with excellent reliability & repeatability.

Rail Wheel Measurement Gauges from Ixthus

All of our rail wheel measurement gauge categories can be seen above. Click though to the products to download data sheets and to find more product information.

To discuss your application please contact us.

Calibration of Wheel Measurement Gauges

Wheel measurement gauges require calibration on a regular basis to ensure they are working correctly. Calibration is a service we can offer here at Ixthus, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

For more information on calibration take a look at our blog post

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