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Checkweighing instruments are available from Ixthus, these are available from our supplier B+L and can be found on our website.

What is Checkweighing?

Checkweighing is a process used within various industries – primarily in food and beverage. It involves using devices to quickly and reliably execute a weight recording.

During Checkweighing, a system will check the weight of each product and reject any products that are either over or under the set weight.

Checkweighing machines usually have a conveyer belt mounted to the weight checker itself so that products can be easily weighed during production.

Within a checkweigher, the user can store weight information for various components – our Minipond 3C can hold information on 100 articles at the same times.

Benefits of Checkweighing

Checkweighing is an extremely useful process as the items are weighed whilst on the conveyer belt rather than having to be taken off, handled and weighed individually. Therefore, benefits of using a system like this include;

  • Time saving
  • Reliable
  • Hygienic
  • Highly accurate

Checkweighing from Ixthus

For Checkweighing applications we would recommendd the miniPond 3C from B+L. this is a newly developed product. With the MiniPond 3C, classification, weighing and any rejection is completed in a fraction of a second. It is reliable and can round to the closet gram if required.

The MiniPond 3C is EC approved and verified for the complete check weighing process. Because it can hold information on up to 100 products it is a great choice for applications where more than one component required Checkweighing regularly.

Some of the features and functions of the MiniPond 3C are;

  • Automatic weight registration with tolerance evaluation in 5 zones
  • Able to store parameters for 100 items
  • Tare by means of weighing or parameter entry
  • Control of the process via digital I/Os possible
  • Fault monitoring and alarm and logging
  • Totaliser and counter features
  • Ability to switch to Actual-weight logging
  • Statistics function

For more information on check weighing or to discuss further details please contact us.

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Article published on: 21/07/2022

Article last updated on: 21/07/2022