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Pressure Transducer Applications

Pressure transducers are part of our product range here at Ixthus. We have a wide range of pressure transducers which are suitable for different applications in different areas.

Our range of pressure transducers come from our sister company Variohm Eurosensor and our trusted suppliers.


What is a pressure transducer?

A pressure transducer is a type of sensor used to give accurate feedback on pressure. Unlike a pressure switch, a pressure transducer can give a pressure measurement with no set limit. This makes them suitable for more complex pressure measurement applications.

Pressure transducers are also known as pressure transmitters.

There are different types of pressure transducers including

  • Industrial pressure transducers
  • Miniature
  • Level meters (for underwater use)
  • Intrinsically safe pressure transducers

Pressure Transducer Applications

Pressure transducers are used in a variety of different industries, this includes; industrial applications. HVAC, Motorsport, Automotive and hydraulic vehicle applications as well as robotics, agriculture, off-road construction and compressors.

Some of the more common areas for which our pressure transducers are used are;

Industrial Applications – pressure transducers can be used in general industrial applications and equipment. Our range has a wide operating temperature range; -40°C to 125°C and many of them are IP rated making them suitable for use in different challenging environments.

HVAC Applications – very robust pressure transducers are often used within Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Applications. These sensors must be able to with-stand moist environments and be constructed of highly durable materials.

Motorsport Applications – miniature pressure transducers are usually selected for use in motorsport applications as they can fit into tight spaces. Also, our combined pressure and temperature sensors are suitable as they offer space-saving advantages with 2 sensors combined into one housing. Some typical applications include brake pressure and speed shifters.

Automotive Applications – pressure transducers are used within automotive vehicle applications to monitor oil levels and fuel levels. They can also be used for braking systems and to give feedback on engine hydraulics.

Medical Applications – pressure transducers are used within the medical industry to monitor gas analysers within hospitals and other medical settings. They are also used to measure liquid levels on various types of machinery.

Liquid Level – pressure transducers are often referred to as liquid level sensors for this type of application. The sensors are submersed into a tank of liquid and measure the pressure within the tank. Feedback on the amount of pressure within the tank is given by the pressure transducer, it can therefore determine the amount of liquid within the tank.

Pressure Transducers from Ixthus

The pressure transducers we offer can be found in the product section of our website.

Features of our pressure transducers include;

  • UP to 5,000 bar
  • High level of accuracy +/-0.5%
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Analogue and digital output options
  • Most have no internal O rings which give them higher accuracy and elongated life.

For more information on our pressure transducer applications or to discuss your requirements please contact us.

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Article published on: 21/07/2022

Article last updated on: 21/07/2022